La Liga president Javier Tebas has again criticised Premier League clubs for their spending in the transfer market, revealing he is planning to file a report to UEFA.

While La Liga clubs were only able to spend £404m over the summer, their Premier League counterparts laid out over £2bn in transfer fees.

Of the top 20 spenders this summer, 13 hailed from the Premier League – with Chelsea topping the list with a record £273m spend – while Barcelona were the only representative from Spain on that list.

Speaking at a La Liga public presentation, Tebas revealed his fury at how Premier League clubs have been allowed to operate.

“Premier League revenues are 1.8 times more than LaLiga or Bundesliga but this negative amount is 20 times more than the Spanish league which has very good financial control,” he said.

“Something doesn’t make sense there, so what’s happening? There’s a lot of chequebooks coming out from clubs like Manchester City that sign a certain amount of players. Even the Championship lost €3bn over five years. The contributions of capital from club owners from Premier League clubs to compensate losses compared to LaLiga.

“There were €277m in capital increases in La Liga. €2376m in Premier League which are contributions and loans provided. In the Championship it was €1385m. It would be normal if they signed twice as many players but they have spent much more than even that. This can only be possible if the owners get out their chequebooks and these are different models.

“I know the Premier League has a model to limit losses to £108m, do we want unsustainable models? What happens if the owners stop spending the money? We could let the sheiks and big companies come in here to buy out clubs. PSG can get more gas whenever they need to buy more players or use a related business.

“The football industry has changed and there’s much more money. If there’s no control then we could endanger the industry itself. The two competitions that are the most sustainable are La Liga and the Bundesliga and we have to really fight for sustainability.

“10 years ago we weren’t like the Bundesliga but we are now. We’re going to put all this to UEFA and it is important for all the other European leagues as we want sustainable European football.”

Tebas added: “We’ve had a pandemic so it is impossible for them to do that if they didn’t have contributions from the owner’s chequebooks. If in Spain we did that, let everything go and let rich people buy our clubs then that’s an option but we would rather have a sustainable league like the Bundesliga.

“We know what our football is about. We don’t want our clubs getting high debts so they can buy players. In our league, this is not allowed. This is the model we defend.”


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