Liverpool chief executive Billy Hogan has admitted the club believed Jurgen Klopp would leave Anfield in 2024 after being informed by the German he probably wouldn’t sign a new contract.

Klopp’s current contract is due to expire in 2026 after signing an extension in April. But his previous deal was due to expire in 2024 and it wasn’t initially his intention to stay for longer.

Speaking to Bild, Hogan admitted the renewal actually came as a surprise to him and his colleagues as Klopp had previously informed them he’d likely be leaving in 2024.

“We couldn’t be happier,” the American exec said. “He had made it clear that he probably wouldn’t renew. But then he and his wife Ulla talked about it and decided to stay for two more years.

“It shows how strong his feelings for the club are – and also how important he is to us… He’s already a Liverpool legend – his connection with Liverpool will last forever. It’s like a lifetime contract. He also has such a connection to Dortmund and Mainz.”

Looking to the future, Hogan believes Klopp would make a good chief executive himself one day.

“Jurgen would also be a phenomenal CEO,” he added.

“He has this special talent to lead a team and is incredibly successful. If you look at what makes him a great leader, his skills easily translate to other roles. He can communicate, inspire people and overcome difficult situations. He could fill any leadership position in sport and business.”


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