Kieran Tierney has become a target for a number of Premier League clubs in recent weeks, with 90min reporting that Newcastle United and Leicester City are both keen admirers of the player.

With play time being limited by the arrival of Oleksandr Zinchenko in the summer, it may be the right time for the full-back to leave the Emirates Stadium.

But what do Arsenal fans think of the rumours? Well, we’ve enlisted Harry Symeou, host of 90min’s ‘The Chronicles of a Gooner‘ podcast to give his thoughts.

On this edition of The Chronicles of a Gooner, part of the 90min podcast network, Harry Symeou discusses the potential sale of Kieran Tierney. If you can’t see this embed, click here to listen to the podcast!

Arsenal have evolved as a football team and their style of play has changed [since Tierney was first signed] quite dramatically, and as a result of that Kieran Tierney has kind of been left behind.

Now Tierney hasn’t been left behind because he’s a bad full-back. I would argue that, if you were looking at conventional full-backs and you were judging them on all the things that full-backs traditionally do, then Tierney probably ranks higher than Zinchenko. If we played in the old school way then Tierney would be a much better fit, he’s a far superior defender, he’s better in one-on-one situations and I think he’s got more of those defensive instincts that you need.

But, Oleksandr Zinchenko has come in and has fit brilliantly into this system and has given Arsenal the ability to play in a different way, in a way that makes them less predictable, in a way that allows them to dominate midfield areas when they need to but also allows the likes of Granit Xhaka into the half-spaces when needed as well.

There’s so many things that Zinchenko’s profile brings to the table.

The fact that Arsenal can talk about, or even think about, selling a player like Tierney and feel like they’ll be ok is a sign of how they’ve come and how much they’ve progressed.



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