The Ukrainian Football Association have submitted a request to FIFA to ban Iran from the upcoming World Cup over alleged links to Russia.

Iran’s involvement in the winter showpiece has already been challenged over the country’s human rights violations, with a number of Iranian personalities accusing the nation of breaching FIFA laws by preventing women from entering football stadiums.

Now, those in charge of Ukraine’s football have accused Iran or providing weapons to the Russian military and aiding their invasion of Ukraine, which would be a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

“Taking into account media information about systematic human rights violations in Iran, which may violate the principles and norms of the FIFA statutes, taking into account the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 regarding the imposition of sanctions on Iran and the possible involvement of Iran in the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, to make a request to FIFA to consider excluding the Iranian national team from the 2022 FIFA World Cup,” a statement read.

Iranian officials have denied any involvement in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but the United States has long accused the country of supplying missiles to Moscow.

Ukraine’s letter to FIFA also requested the expulsion of Russia from both FIFA and UEFA. The Russians have been barred from competing at major tournaments but still remain part of both governing bodies.

The letter added: “Taking into account the actions of the Russian Football Union [RFU] regarding the integration of soccer clubs and federations from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine in the Russian competitions and in the structure of the RFU, to appeal to FIFA and UEFA about taking urgent measures in responding to the actions of the RFU and to apply sanctions against the RFU in the form of the membership exclusion from FIFA and UEFA.”


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