Neymar has publicly shared his messages to a number of his Brazil teammates after the World Cup favourites were knocked out at the quarter-final stage.

The PSG star had scored a 105th minute goal to give the Brazilians an extra time lead against Croatia on Friday, but a late goal from Bruno Petkovic ensured the game would go to a penalty shootout. Brazil would then lose said penalty shootout after misses from Rodrygo and Marquinhos.

Following the World Cup exit, Neymar has taken to Instagram to share the messages he sent to both Marquinhos and Rodrygo in order to console both.

Here’s the exchange between Neymar and Marquinhos:

Neymar: “How are you? Passing by to tell you that I’m your fan. A penalty won’t change what I think of you. I’m with you forever and you know it. I love you.”

Marquinhos: “What’s up bro? I’m improving bit by bit, only time will make all of this pass.. And you? How are you? Thank you for the message and for thinking about me bro, you’re too amazing, and I wanted it all to have worked out, it’s hard as f*ck to think that that penalty was an obstacle in your dream! But we have to keep going, we have to be strong, let time pass and see what football has in store for us.”

Neymar: “That’s the way to think, let time pass…I more than anyone know that EVERYTHING PASSES, good and bad moment alike… Stay strong, enjoy your family’s company and never forget that beside being your colleague I’m your friend and I want your well being. I love you and we keep going together.”

Marquinhos: “That’s true bro, only we know what we’ve been through to get here, what we went through these days there, that’s why it hurts so much, the weight is big but the dude in Heaven knows what he’s doing, if he gave me this it’s because I can support it and keep going. You’re amazing, really! I’m your fan, thank you, be well too, we’re gonna need each other in the next battles, love you a lot.”

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And the message exchange between Neymar and Rodrygo:

Neymar: “Brother I’m here to tell you that you’re amazing…It’s an honour to be able to be apart of your career, hear you say I’m your idol and watch you become one of the best players in the history of Brazil! The only people that miss penalties are the ones that take them, I already missed a lot in my career and I learned with all of them. But I never gave up, always tried to be better and improve in every way. I like you for free, not for the player but for the good kid you are and heart you have. Stay strong, these critics will make you stronger and you will remember what I told you ‘You will end up getting a cup for Brazil’. I wish you the most success in the world, disconnect [from the world] these days, rest and come back in full force! I’m here for what you need! We’re together.”

Rodrygo: “Thanks my idol, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sorry for anything and for delaying your dream as well, I hope you can continue with us, so we can win together, of course is that’s the best for you!! We stay together and thank you for all the love.”


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